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Spend Based Loyalty Programs

1. Dollar To Point                               Get 1 point for every dollar spent

2. Double Point Sunday                    Get 2 points for every dollar spent on Sunday's

Redeem Points For

100 Points  -  $5 Dollars off Bill

100 Points  -  Free Ice Cream

150 Points  -  Free Order of Fried Biscuits

500 Points  -  $25 Dollars off Bill

Current Punch Card Club's

1. Dirty Fry                                            Buy 6 Dirty Fries get the 7th Free

2. Dessert Club                                    Buy any 5 Dessert items get the 6th free

Rewards FAQ

What's The Difference Between Points, Rewards, and Offers? You earn one point with every dollar spent on qualifying purchases; once you hit 100 points, those points will automatically turn into $5 in earned rewards. You can also receive rewards when completing one of Buy X Get Y promotions. Offers are time-restricted and focuse on specific menu items, categories, or the like. Examples could include a free piece of pie (valid during your birthday month), $2 off a pulled pork sandwich (valid for one week), or double points on lunch orders between 11 am and 2 pm.

How Do I Sign Up? You can either download the Sugar Creek App, where you'll be prompted to sign up and create an account, or ask your server to sign up. If you choose not to use the app don't worry, our teammates in the restaurant will be able to look you up: the cashier will just need the phone number associated with your Rewards account. Once we find you in the system, you'll be able to earn points and redeem rewards and offers.

Why Do You Need My Name, Phone Number, and Email Address? We want to be clear: we will never sell or otherwise share your personal information. We're sensitive to the private nature of what you share with us, so rest assured we'll protect that information. Your phone number and email are used to identify your unique account in our system. We'll email you about special offers and updates to the program; you're always free to opt out of these communications should you no longer wish to receive them. We will never call you for marketing purposes. We also ask for two totally optional pieces of personal information, but that's just to help celebrate your birthday (with Cake!) and anniversary (a special treat for you to share), respectively.

How Do I Earn Points And Redeem Rewards And Offers? When ordering in-store, there are three ways to earn points: -using the app, press Rewards on the dashboard, then collect points: this generates a QR code to scan -without the app, tell the cashier the phone number associated with your account: they'll use that number to identify you in the system so you can earn points on your order -redeem a rewards or offer: you'll automatically earn points on the transaction

How Often Can I Earn Points and Redeem Rewards And Offers? You can earn points on every transaction you make, and can redeem one reward or offer per transaction.

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